This section provides access to a bibliography of analytical reports and methodology guides of agricultural incentives.

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PIM Outcome Note: Ag-Incentives Consortium

Many governments intervene in agricultural markets. The reasons for doing so vary greatly: to keep food prices low for consumers; to support farm incomes; to reduce price volatility; and to meet other political objectives. Some policy interventions can have unforeseen consequences.

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OECD’s Producer Support Estimate and Related Indicators of Agricultural Support (the PSE manual)

The main objectives of this manual are (1) to provide a comprehensive description of the methodology employed by the OECD to calculate indicators of agricultural support, by using descriptive text, mathematical equations and empirical examples, (2) to describe the economic theory and principles w

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Agricultural Policy Monitoring and Evaluation 2016

The 2016 edition of the Agricultural Policy Monitoring and Evaluation report covers OECD member countries and emerging economies. It is a unique source of up-to-date estimates of global support to agriculture.

Measuring Distortions to Agricultural Incentives, Revisited

Notwithstanding the tariffication component of the Uruguay Round Agreement on Agriculture, import tariffs on farm products continue to provide an incomplete indication of the extent to which agricultural producer and consumer incentives are distorted in national markets. Especially in developing countries, non-agricultural policies indirectly impact agricultural and food markets. 

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Video: Introduction à Ag Incentives (FR)

Video: Introducción a Ag Incentives (ES)

Video: Introduction to Ag Incentives (EN)